2021: A Year In Review

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”

  • I got through 2021.
  • I completed a virtual internship with KMPG (in partnership with Forage) focusing on data and analytics. I didn’t know this before, but I love Excel and I use it for everything now.
  • I also completed a virtual internship with Deloitte (in partnership with Forage), which focused on Technology Consulting. Less Excel than PowerPoint, and more challenging (9 tasks compared to KPMG’s 3), but I enjoyed doing that much research and I learnt quite a few new things.
my deloitte certification: better late than never.
  • I got accepted to become a United Nations Millenium Fellow. My project, which was (is) conducted with a friend, focused on mental health communication and simplification. I enjoyed the training sessions with other fellows in UNILAG, and I look forward to continuing work on the project, which I think is quite useful.
  • Participated in LMUN 2021 (LMUN meaning Lagos Model United Nations) and even won a Honorable Mention Award.
  • Made some new friends and reconnected with a few old ones.
  • I completed 5 courses on Coursera as well as a course on OpenLearn.
  • I started my Data Analytics journey by enrolling in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, which, I hope, will prepare me for a junior/associate role in the field of analytics. 2/8 courses so far.
  • Also enrolled in the Microsoft Data Analyst Associate (DA-100) certification.
  • Took some tentative steps back into tech by enrolling in AltSchool Africa.
  • Worked up the courage and took a leap of faith by sending out some job applications. I even got to the interview stage with one.
  • I got rejected for a few scholarships.
  • I made it into two Zuri internship programs only to end it. Part of it was pure bad luck (both programs started during or before exams in both semesters), part was quixotic overconfidence in my abilities.
  • I had to end a few friendships, not all bad.
  • I think I got ghosted by the company I interview it. I really wanted to work with them, they’re top-class. If I didn’t get ghosted and they’re just taking their time, I take all that back.
  • I didn’t start learning the extra maths I wanted to.
  • Didn’t write much, or at all.
  • Flatlined grades.
  • Didn’t meet my financial targets for the year. We move regardless.
  • I struggled with mental health, as usual. Setting unrealistic targets and then failing to meet them can result in a deadly spiral of self-doubt and inadequacy.
  • Struggled with change. Adapting to radically different circumstances takes a toll, and sometimes the old is better than the new.
  • I sleep a lot less these days and that has affected my physical health.
  • Life’s tough.



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